Whaddup, 2012?

What?! A New Year’s post? Almost a third of the way through January? I know what you’re thinking…

Get over yaself, Rach.

The “resolutions” ship has sailed.

In fact, it’s probably sunk somewhere off the coast of Antarctica.

But bear with me. I’m new to the whole blogging scene, but I’ve been reading blogs for quite some time (a fact to which my friends can attest) and I loved reading everyone’s goals for the new year. So what if I’m a little late to the party?

Here are my goals that I’ll regard as more of a “to-do” list for the upcoming year:

1) Taking more pictures. My old camera didn’t quite survive the summer, but I have a new Canon in hand complete with a warranty. Get ready, friends.

New Years 2012. I was planning this list, even though I'm just writing it out now.

2) Running a half-marathon. If you would have told thirteen, seventeen, or even twenty-year old me that I would be spending my days training to run 13.1 miles–for fun!–she would have thought you were a couple tacos short of a combo platter, that’s for sure. That being said, I’m SO excited about this race.

YAY 6 am long runs. That smile is fake. My excitement for the race is not.

3) Finding an occasion to wear my fancy new dress. That dress I mentioned earlier? I’m in love with it. It’s beautiful. And I have nowhere to wear it. I don’t have any formal galas scheduled for the near future, but all of my friends seem to be getting married, so I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

4) Eating frozen yogurt every week. It’s a tough task, but someone’s gotta do it. And I recommend myself. You can thank me with gift cards to this wonderful place.

5) Sending birthday cards. I love love love getting mail. In college, I would check my mail at least six times a day, and often measured my self-esteem on whether or not the USPS fairy had visited my fair post office box. However, I am terrible at returning the post office love to my friends and family. If you’re reading this and are my friend or are related to me (not that the two are mutually exclusive), please hold me accountable to this.

I love these girls, and should be better about letting them know it. I also like to support the USPS.

6) Buying furniture. I’m an advocate of the vagabond lifestyle I’ve been enjoying ever since 2007, but its probably time to buy a dresser. Or a chair. Okay, maybe just a nightstand. Those are easy to move, right?

7) Reach a certain number in my bank account. I’m blatantly stealing this goal from a number of others, but I think it’s worthwhile. Money sucks, but it would be nice to not have to worry about it as much. Penny saved, penny earned, right? Something like that.

8) Have fun. This goal wouldn’t have earned me any points for clarity in any of my college papers, but to me this means that I want to keep my baby workaholic habits at bay so that I remember more from my twenties that how much work I accomplished. Here’s to having a blast in 2012!

Talk to me! Are you still excited about 2012? Are you running a race this year? Sending more letters? Eating more frozen yogurt? 



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