Dankbar Donnerstag

I am moving to Germany in August, where they speak German. Ah-duh. One of my favorite bloggers, Ali, has a column called “Thankful Things Thursday”, in which she lists all the things she is thankful for in any given week.

Now, how are those last two thoughts in any way connected? Good question! In German, “Dankbar Donnerstag” means “Thankful Thursday”.

It is Thursday, and I am thankful for:

1) Baseball. I’ve never been to a professional baseball game in my life, but I made my way to the Washington Nationals Stadium tonight for the annual Congressional Baseball Game–Democrats v. Republicans. My personal favorite part was when four former presidents raced around the stadium. Where else can you see Teddy Roosevelt charging around a baseball field?!

2) The Chicago Manual of Style. No, seriously. Very few things in life make me happier than a sheet full of correctly formatted citations. Think I’m kidding?


3) Old Friends. I had dinner tonight with a co-worker from my first internship in DC, which was almost three years ago. It was great to catch up with her, and talk about the museum, our careers, and life in this wonderfully screwed-up city. It’s crazy to me that I can have “old friends” in this city I’ve begun to regard as home, and I am so thankful for everyone who took me under their wing in 2009 and has helped me ever since.

4) Clinical strength deodorant. DC was built on a swamp tidal basin and it is almost July. Enough said.

Happy Thursday, everyone!


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