Things I Will Miss About Washington DC

Ever since I got off the plane in September 2009, Washington DC has been a city of incredible opportunities, crushing disapointments, oh-my-gawd-I-did-that moments, and so so much fun. This city has shaped me over the last three years, and I hope I’ve somehow left my mark on it as well.  

This is a non-exhaustive list of what I will miss about living in DC:

My friends. New and old, from work, from Luther and from random encounters, I love and will miss you all.


Biking everywhere. Be it to Mt. Vernon and back or just my morning commute, my bike has been my fifth appendage this year, and my life would not have been the same without it.

The P Street Whole Foods.

My 3 mile U Street running route.

Knowing that I have exactly 18 seconds to make it across K Street on my bike or risk certain death by rush hour.

Watching planes take off at Gravelly Point by National Airport.

My 5 mile running route with the killer view from 13th and Columbia Rd.

Seeing people I know around the city. Smaaaall town, this District.

Happy Hour at Upper Crust.

The showerhead at my house. Perfect water pressure is hard to find, I swear.

Making fun of tourists in matching shirts.

People watching on the rare occasion I stepped foot on a bus.

Brunch at Busboys and Poets. Oaxaca omelet, you speak to my soul.

Making fun of Feds while simultaneously wanting to be a Fed.

Knowing five different ways to get anywhere in the city. Arlington? Silver Spring? Alexandria? Foreign countries as far as I’m concerned.

The Smithsonian Institution.

Feeling somehow protected by the city.

Flying down Massachusetts Ave on my bike. Crawling up that hill would be on the “Things I Will NOT Miss about Washington DC” list.

Pints of DC Brau and Flying Dog.

Bashing WMATA while being thankful for the existence of WMATA.

Pronouncing WMATA “wamahta”.

Big white marble buildings. All of them.

Scoring free invites to fancy events.


Losing my accent only to have it come back the second I find out someone else is from the midwest.



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