For my mama

If you are not my mother, you can probably skip this post. If you are: Mom, this is where I’m living.

Here is my desk. Don’t worry about the beer bottles, they’re empty and I’m taking them to the grocery store tomorrow to get the deposit money. See how nice and lined up my shoes are? Yep, made it that way for the picture. I’m also [now] well aware that there is now a picture of my laundry pile on the internet. Whoops.

I have a bright future as a real estate agent, I think.

This is my bed. Yep, it was made solely for the purpose of taking this picture. There is a folder under my laptop, because I know you’re wondering about that.

The view is killer, as is the hike up to this dorm.

This is my bathroom. You don’t keep hairbrushes in the sink like I do?

This is my “kitchen”. Chocolate cereal and peaches are my new dietary staples, obviously.

Julia Child is so posthumously jealous of my life.

All in all, dorm life in Marburg is pretty alright…and I promise I’ll call soon.



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