In Other News, They Think I’m Dutch

When in Germany, it always seems somewhat of a compliment for my accent to be mistaken for something other than Midwestern American Female. As Joe, Paul, and I were shopping for used bikes last Friday, the mechanic assured me that my “r” pronunciation made me sound like I’d just gotten off the last train from Holland.

Germany/Holland relations aside, I’m counting that exchange as a success.

Other Things I Am Loving This Week:

1) The Edersee. This reservoir is freaking beautiful, and I got to ride a cable car.

Hi Mom! I look the same! I’m sweating a lot!

That massive castle on the hill has a mad-deep well and a witch trial chamber. Trust me, we saw the 15th century body imprints on the concrete. Shudder.

But, let’s end on a happy note. Scenery!

2) Köstritzer Schwarzbier. Köstritzer (and its correct pronunciation) and I go way back to January of ’09. This brew was surprisingly hard to come by in the great District of Columbia, but La Rana always knew what was up. Props, Decorah.

Bonnie, Katherine, Krista, I prost-ed in your honor.

3) Der Bruder Grimm. Commonly known in English as the Brothers Grimm. In all actuality, that German phrase could be “Der Brudern Grimm” or “Der Brüder Grimm” but I’m not in grammar class right now so we’re calling that one good. I mentioned that Marburg was host to the Grimm duo back in the day, and the city celebrates that with nods to fairy tales all over the city.

Did somebody lose a shoe?

Hi ho, Hi ho, it’s off to work we go…

I was assured that this was not the Tortoise of Hare racing fame, but rather a dwarf who hit snooze one too many times to be with the others.

4) European Architecture. Too broad, you say? What of it. I loved my big white marble buildings in DC, but these are currently warming my heart more than the heat wave we’ve been sweating through this week.

Rear end of the Elisabeth Kirche. Other, more accepted, terminology being the “reverse view of the vault and transcept”.

Apparently the steeple is collapsing because it’s made of old wood, not because the architect had previously worked in Pisa.

Well done, Deutschland.

I hope you all are well, and are enjoying the last few days of summer/first days of school/work/life and whatnot. I am also late, late for a very important date with the Castle Biergarten, sooo.. bis dann!


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