Moving to Munich, By the Numbers

Just in case you are ever considering moving cross-country with three of your closest Fulbright friends, I offer our experience, expressed in my least-favorite language of choice: numbers.

15: Euros required for this grand adventure.

14: pieces of luggage that we brought on the train.

7: Bahnhofs (train stations, for you English speakers) that were graced with our presence.

6: regional trains

5: train transfers.

4: naps taken in the train’s bike wagon

3: bus stops from the S3 to my new apartment

2: number of bus stops there should have been to my new apartment, but I was too tired and forgot to hit the “Bus halt” button. Fail.

1: minutes required for me to collapse on my bed.

Here’s to you, DB. Till next cross-country move…or tomorrow morning.



One thought on “Moving to Munich, By the Numbers

  1. Happy moving day AND happy birthday, Rachel! Just think of the experiences you’ve already had this year…and those still to come. Best wishes, Aunt Toni and All

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