Comfortably Displaced

This last weekend was, in some sort of weird way, an affirmation that I am, in fact, creating my own little corner of the world over here in Germany. One of my friends from the program had her birthday last week, so we celebrated the best way we know how–by drinking sparkling water, playing Monopoly, and going to bed by 11:00, of course. What were you thinking, Mom?

After waking up bright and early on Saturday morning, two friends and I walked through Munich on our way to a restaurant to meet up with the others…for dinner. On the way there, we meandered from the Hauptbahnhof to Karlsplatz to Marienplatz up to Odeonsplatz and the Residenz, past the Haus der Kunst and the University. I do this walk on a pretty regular basis, given my long-standing animosity towards actually spending time on the subway system I’m so adamant about my places of residence having…but I digress.

As Aurora and Cam and I journeyed through these now-familiar parts of Munich, I realized how many memories I have strewn through this still-new city. Last weekend, I was not feeling nearly as content with my surroundings, but I’m loath to call my discontent homesickness. The symptoms were much the same–all I wanted to do was eat brunch at Busboys and Poets and/or Peace Dining, watch Gilmore Girls (the episode where Rory doesn’t get the Reston Fellowship), maybe watch fall asleep during a war movie or two, chase that delicious brunch with some ice cream, and generally feel sorry for myself.

Now imagine a scoop of ice cream for every massive cookie in this picture, and you are close to imagining how much ice cream I wanted to eat last weekend. Photo credit to Aurora

Yet as much as I missed certain aspects of the states, I didn’t want to go home–because right now, this is my home. This continent, this country, this city where I now know where some of the good grocery stores are, where to get the cheapest Maß to ensure maximum hilarity, and more than one way to get pretty much everywhere I want to go on a daily basis. I know that wherever I am, I am going to be missing something–people, food, humidity, pets, etc.–so all I can do is take advantage of what I am not missing. Right now, I am not missing a good circle of new friends, cheap bottles of carbonated water, a thick and cozy winter duvet, and the opportunity to spend my days perusing archival material on a subject about which I am very passionate.

But I would still be okay if this handsome man showed up in Germany.

But I’m sure this scene will repeat itself in a month, so it’ll be okay.




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