Danks-geben (Sorry.)

If I were in Wisconsin this Thanksgiving, I would be in for two solid days of eating turkey, peanut butter balls, green been casserole, and pumpkin pie squares the size of my head. My grandfathers would either hand me cans of LaCrosse Light or interrogate me about my marital status (single, Gramps! still single). I would spend my time being regaled by stories of sitting in freezing cold deer stands, and my eyes would eventually readjust from seeing the masses decked out in their blaze orange. And you know what? I would probably love every second of it.

While you are all stuffing (get it?) yourselves this weekend, I’m off to Frankfurt to spend the holiday with Bianca, a friend from Luther who is also here on a Fulbright this year. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, so I came up with this little list of things for which I am thankful this week.

1) I’m thankful for these guys. I am ever so grateful that this group of people ended up in Munich this year, and that they put up with my sometimes thrice-daily emails. Let’s keep being friends, okay? 

Chris, I don’t know if you read this blog or not, but I’m sorry I stole your picture…

2) I’m thankful for Fulbright. Got that, whatever one-word searches led to this blog? At a coffee break before a lecture (the connection between the development of card catalogs and functional Bauhaus-type architecture, if you’re interested) I mentioned to a colleague that I usually sometimes don’t feel like I’m doing enough work over here, and she essentially told me to chill the heck out, do my best, and enjoy Germany. Hey, the Germans said…

3) I’m thankful for headphones. I unwittingly donated my old pair to the larger Munich community a couple of weeks ago, and I was sadly without until I dragged myself to Saturn and got a new pink pair that makes archival work this week much more akin to a dance party than last week.

4) I’m thankful for cheese-covered pretzels. Bavarians will put anything in/on/next/to/around–pick a preposition, really–a pretzel, but the cheese ones are really a little bit of culinary genius to which I’ve been particularly drawn lately.

Mmmm, carbs.

5) I’m thankful for Gchat and Skype. And also for my friends in the United States that have the sleep schedules of sleep experiment participants.

6) I’m thankful for Europe. I’ve “grown up” in many places, and this continent–and Germany in particular–is one of them. Every time I’ve returned, I’ve learned more about Germany and more about myself, and I know that I understand Europe much differently than I ever will America.

I’ve liked this place for quite awhile.

7) I’m thankful that I have no idea where my life is going. Ask me tomorrow, and I’ll probably be freaking out and making all sorts of neurotic Type A pro/con lists.Today, I am excited about all of the possibilities, and I am thankful to be in a position to decide what I want to do, rather than resign myself to what I have to do.

8) I am thankful that I have a ticket to Wisconsin for Christmas. My transient lifestyle has meant that crashing in the Midwest for every holiday just isn’t possible, but I’ve yet to miss a Christmas, and I’m glad that this year will not be the first. From what I hear, both sides of the fam have some engagements to celebrate, and I am fully armed with German second hand store goods for the gift exchanges. Get ready, y’all.

I was going to suggest that we photoshop Kristin into this picture and excuse us from the annual groan-fest, but then I realized Kristi and Brandon weren’t in it either. Eh well. Also? We’re all really tall. I’m going to be in the front row with Grandma this year, aren’t I?

9) If you’re reading this, I’m probably thankful for you. I have no idea who reads this blog, but seeing as I don’t write about anything other than my own life, really, I assume we’ve met at some point or another. As cavalierly as I chose places to live, the people in my life are important to me, and I probably miss you and am glad we know each other.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


One thought on “Danks-geben (Sorry.)

  1. Happy Turkey day!! At this very moment I am dipping peanut butter balls (just finished with the dipped pretzels) in preparation for driving to Black River Falls to eat turkey, give congrats to the hunters (or not) and bond with most of the family. As usual, you made me laugh and cry and I miss you so much it hurts! December 18th can;t come soon enough. Have fun with your friends today and we’re glad that you are getting some sort of Thanksgiving celebration on the other side of the world. Love you tons and skype soon!
    much love and hugs, mom

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