Things I Do in Germany But Nowhere Else

1) Wait for the light to turn green before crossing the road. Lesson learned.

2) Think that 3,50 Euros for half a liter of Bier is expensive. Keeping in mind that I gladly handed over upwards of $5.00 for pints of Yuengling at some of the finer establishments in the District of Columbia, this is especially strange.

3) Memorize train schedules. Because there is no way I’m going to spend one more second waiting for a train in the freezing cold than needed.

4) Have an insatiable need to consume as much spicy food as possible. Classic, right? Always want what you can’t have.

5) Not care what I wear. I have willingly left my house in combinations of clothing in this country that I would laugh at myself for even thinking of wearing in the US.


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