The Collected Essays of 2012-13

It’s Always Fair Weather When You’re an FC Bayern Fan

You Make Me Feel, Like I’m the Only Girl in the ‘Burbs: Hating the Munich Housing Market

KultFabrik and Other Bad Decisions I Don’t Regret

On (Nearly) Committing Election Fraud in Northern Germany

I’m Not Hitting On You, I Just Like Talking to People: An Open Letter to Irish Boys on Buses

Schellingstraße: A Love Story

Train Travel is Cheap and Other Lies People Tell You About Living in Europe

Give Me Antibiotics or Give Me Death: Adventures in Homeopathic Medicine

How To Fail At Everything Despite Really Trying: Thoughts on Research and Academia

Okay, Fine, I’ll Learn HTML: On Making Myself Employable

Your Face Won’t Get Worse If You Don’t Pick at It and Other Unsolicited Advice I’ve Received on the SBahn


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