Things I Am Loving Right Now

I’m back in flyover country for a couple weeks, missing Germany and planning my next steps. Thinking too much about that gives me a gut-wrenching stomachache and usually brings me to tears, so let’s focus on the latest good things I’ve been obsessing over.

1)  The Royal Bay-bay Hoopla. Yes, I know, we (or, you know, the actual soldiers) fought the Revolution so we wouldn’t have to care about this. I also know that I put up with a lot of news about sports about which I could not care less, so if I can scroll past a bunch of stories about March Madness and not roll my eyes when the almost-Cinderella story that was Florida Gulf Coast University was discussed, you can nod and smile when HRH the Nameless Prince of Cambridge is mentioned.

2) Sewing with my mama. Chasing that domesticity badge, one skirt at a time.

3) This essay that my friend wrote. Especially the line:  “And the thing about moving to new places, a lot, alone is that you don’t want to do this forever, and you know that, but you trust that one day you won’t. That you’ll find a job or fall in love or something that will make you stop chasing opportunities wherever they may take you.” I’ve read this no fewer than four times, and it rings so, so true.

4) Free bathrooms, unlimited refills, and air conditioning. America, the beautiful.

5) Orange is the New Black. This show has been my new social life. Season 2 can’t land fast enough, and I fully plan on using up an entire weekend when it does.

That’s all, folks.



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